Rain X Chemicals

Windshields aren’t always at the center of our conversations…let’s face it, we are talking about windshields.  However, they are extremely important and knowing how to care for your car, especially in an area like Maryland, where you have all types of weather throughout the year.  If you live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland you have high winds, sand, etc.  If you live near Baltimore Maryland, then you more than likely travel the 695 beltway and spend even some time traveling north and south on 95 commuting to Washington, D.C. periodically; getting a chip in your windshield from road debris is common on that commute.
However, with rain lots of people tend to use products like Rain-X to increase their visibility during commutes.  The problem is most people don’t realize that first the Rain-X needs to be reapplied about every 3,000 miles and that the longer it is on during the night, visibility will be come poor and blurry.  So, be sure to take precautions to ensure your safety and read the instructions on products like Rain-X to make sure that you apply the Rain-X to your windshield properly.  If you ever have questions, be sure to call Millenium 2 Auto Glass for all your windshield repair or replacement questions.